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The 20 Best Places to Live in Sussex

The best places to live in Sussex are of course completely subjective but what is indisputable is that Sussex (East and West) is blessed with a myriad of beautiful towns and villages that offer a great way of life and a strong sense of community. On our travels around the county, we’ve been lucky enough to visit many of these (if not yet all) and we’re often left with a sense of, “Wow, I wish I lived here.” So using a fairly basic criterion (which includes curb appeal, property prices, transport links, local amenities and schools) combined with a gut instinct and what the locals we’ve talked to have said, this is our list of 20 of the best places to live in Sussex.

You may not agree with our choice. You may have your own favourite or criteria or you may think we’ve missed somewhere very special. And if that’s the case, let us know and we’ll get back on the road and go and visit it for you.

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