Green Credentials

Why being sustainable/green is important to us:


Being ‘green’ and sustainable is important to us here at Martin Homes as it improves the quality of our lives, preserves natural resources for future generations and protects our ecosystem. Especially in the corporate world, sustainability is associated with a company’s holistic approach, taking everything into account, from manufacturing logistics to customer service.

What we offer:

Bee Bricks

A Bee Brick provides a nesting and hibernating space for solitary bees, designed to be built into walls in place of a standard brick or block, imitating the way cavity nesting solitary bees have nested in brickwork or crumbling mortar work over many years.

Often seen buzzing from flower to flower, bees have been around for millions of years. But they’re in severe decline and a world without these winged invertebrates is sadly becoming more of a possibility. These tiny creatures are an integral part of most ecosystems and if they became extinct, the planet could be in serious trouble.

One in every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators such as bees.

Swift Boxes

A Swift Box is a bird box designed especially for Swifts. They were redesigned in 2016, based on the highly successful Zeist design. They’re ideally placed high up under the eaves on buildings. Swift Boxes are single compartment nesting areas accessed through an oval entrance hole in an overhanging front panel.

The Swift is the fastest of all birds in level flight and remains entirely airborne for 10 months, or more, feeding, sleeping and mating on the wing. These long-lived creatures can clock up 4 million miles. Commuting between English summers and African winters.

It’s our companies policy to install these at every development.